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Graduate student studying Clinical Psychology. Have borderline personality disorder and PTSD. Don't hesitate to message me! The Mental Illness Directory

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Everyone who is interesting has a past.

I want to be the kind of person who can feel sick and not wonder whether they’re actually sick, it’s a side effect of their medications, or it’s psychosomatic.

I think I took more Ativan than I should have. I feel so sick :(

Possible Book Project?

I always wonder what people do with their “liked” posts. I make books with them. My first book is the one at the top that I created while I was in DBT as a distraction technique. Since then I’ve made tons more. Each book has a general theme such as happy, calming, funny, etc. Some pages are packed with what some of you say on here (see last image at bottom). For me, it’s the process of creating them that really matters.

I was thinking about starting a new book, and posting every page on my blog (or make a separate one solely for this purpose). If people see this and have a post they really like or want to make, draw, paint, write something to contribute, let me know. I would write your username next to whatever you post and will also tag it when I post the page on tumblr.
If I get enough people interested to fill a book that is exclusively submissions, that would be cool. Otherwise I will continue making random themes =) 

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